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2024  “120 Violent Majorities: Indian and Israeli Ethnonationalism. Episode 3: Ajantha Subramanian and John Plotz.”
Recall This Book Podcast
Episode: With Ajantha Subramanian and John Plotz

2023  “119 Violent Majorities, Indian and Israeli Ethnonationalism. Episode 2: Natasha Roth-Rowland, with Ajantha Subramanian.”
Recall This Book Podcast
Episode: With Natasha Roth-Rowland 

2023  “118 Violent Majorities, Indian and Israeli Ethnonationalism. Episode 1: Balmurli Natrajan, with Ajantha Subramanian.”
Recall This Book Podcast
Episode: With Balmurli Natrajan 

2023  “A View From Another Side, Or, Not Just Another Quit-Lit Essay.” American Ethnologist  00: 1 – 5.

2023  “Now Is Our Moment To Act.” Allegra Lab, October.

2023  “On Censorship and the American Anthropological Association’s Declining Democracy.” With Ajantha Subramanian. Allegra Lab, July.  

2023  “Farha in the ‘Unfocused Feelings of the Citizenry.’” Middle East Report, 15 February.

2023  “Awakening to the Politics of Israel—An Interview with Sonya Meyerson-Knox of Jewish Voice for Peace.” Middle East Report Online, 10 January. With Sonya Meyerson Knox.

2022  “The Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry.Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question. Arabic Version.

 2022  “Changing Attitudes towards Zionism among American Jews—An Interview with Zachary Lockman.” Middle East Report Online, 11 October. With Zachary Lockman.

2022  “The King-Crane Commission of 1919: Setting a Pattern of Futile ‘Peace’
.” Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question, June.

2021  A History of False Hope: Investigative Commissions in Palestine. A Conversation with Dr. Lori Allen & Dr. Arie Dubnov. Institute for Middle East Studies, George Washington University. 9 September.

2021  “Palestinians in Israel: Then and Now.” Berkley Forum, 6 August.

2021  The Jerusalem Book Launch: A History of False Hope, Interview with Lori Allen and Toufic Haddad. Committee for British Research in the Levant, 30 June.

2021  Connections Podcast Episode 5: Investigating Israel with Lori Allen, Interview with Mouin Rabbani. Jadaliyya, 7 June.

2021  “This Time May Be Different: On the UN commission of inquiry investigating violations in the occupied Palestinian territory.” Mondoweiss, 1 June.

2021  “It is Becoming Harder to Deny That Israel Is an Apartheid State.” Al-Jazeera, 4 May.

2021  “Interview with Lori Allen.” 19 April, Humanity Journal.

2021  “The ICC in Palestine: Reasons to Withhold Hope.” Sada, 17 February. In Arabic.

2021  “Lori Allen, A History of False Hope: Investigative Commissions in Palestine (New Texts Out Now).” Jadaliyya, 8 February.

2021  “Biden’s Removal of the 1776 Commission Report Is Not Enough.” Al-Jazeera, 1 February.

2020  “Academic Freedom of the Future.” American Ethnologist Post-Covid Fantasies, 19 October.

2020  “The False Hope of International Law in Palestine.” Anthropological Theory Commons.

2020  “Lori Allen’s, A History of False Hope.” The Page 99 Test, 20 December 2020.

2019  “Academic Freedom in the United Kingdom.” Academe: Magazine of the American Association of University Professors, Fall.

2019  “Allen on Çubukçu, For the Love of Humanity.” Humanity, 11 March.

2017  “A Century of Refusal: Palestinian Opposition to the Balfour Declaration.” Middle East Report, 17 November.  Reprinted in Third World Resurgence.

2017  “‘Behind the Scenes’: A Novice Spelunker in the Archives.” Comparatives Studies in Society and History Website feature. April.

2017  “Threatening Us Here and There.” In Fifty Years of Occupation: A Forum. Middle East Research and Information Project. May

2014  “A City-Sized Prison-House.” Stanford University Press Blog, 28 July.

2014  “Gaza, Einstein and the UN.” Jadaliyya, 7 August.

2013  “Funding Cannot Stop Rights Abuses.” openDemocracy, 11 November.  Also in Arabic, Hebrew, and Turkish.

2013  “Spreading a Culture of Human Rights in Palestine.” openDemocracy, 16 August.

2013  Issam Fares Institute Working Papers Series #16: “Unstateable Palestine: The Role of Emotions in Proving Political Worthiness through International Investigative Commissions.” Beirut, Lebanon: Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs.

2013  New Texts Out Now: Lori Allen, The Rise and Fall of Human Rights: Cynicism and Politics in Occupied Palestine, Interview with Jadaliyya.

2013  “Solving the ‘Problem of Palestine’: Arguing through Reason, Law, and Emotion Void of Strategy.” Al-Majdal, Spring. In Arabic, Haq Al-Awda, No. 54, August.

2013  “An Education in Human Rights in the West Bank.” Anthropology News, Human Rights Forum, 14 June.

2013  “U.S. is the Real Obstacle to Peace Between Israel and Palestine.” The Conversation, 24 May.

2013  “Napoleon Chagnon, A Most Controversial Anthropologist.” Al-Jazeera Opinion, 8 March.

2013  “Inquiring into International Commissions of Inquiry.” Middle East Information Project blog, 24 February.

2013  “Missions and Commissions Leading to What?Al-Jazeera Opinion, 26 February.

2012  “After the Bomb in Beirut.” Middle East Research and Information Project, 21 October.

2011  What Palestinian State?” Al-Jazeera Opinion, 20 September.

2007  “Israel’s Occupation Remains Poisonous.”  The Mountain Mail, Salida, CO, July 26. Reprinted in Northwest Arkansas News, August 1.

2007  “Forty Years of Occupation: A Forum,” contributor. Middle East Report Online.

2006  “Grinding Palestine to Powder.”  October 18, TomPaine.common sense Reprinted in The Mountain Mail, Salida, CO, October 20.

2006  “Social Security: How Palestinians Survive a Humanitarian Crisis.” Middle East Report 240:12-19.

2006  “Somewhere In Between.” Essay on Alessandra Sanguinetti’s photography.  Arte East Virtual Gallery.

2006  “Paradise Now’s Understated Power.”  Middle East Report Online. 

2005  “Pain, Touch, Pressure, Temperature: Rula Halawani’s Intimacies of Occupation.” Arte East Virtual Gallery.

2005  “Academics and the Government in ‘The New American Century:’ A Conversation with Rashid Khalidi,” co-authored with Lara Deeb and Jessica Winegar. Radical History Review 93: 240-259.  Won the Council of Editors of Learned Journals’ “Best Special Issue” award for Issue 93, “Homeland Securities.”

2005  “Political-Social Movements, Revolutionary: Palestine” and “Jihad: Arab States.” Pp. 319-321; 655-657 in Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures Volume 2: Family, Law and Politics, Ed. Suad Joseph. Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers.

2004  “Palestinian Children: Dying to Live.” American Anthropologist 106(1): 159-160.

2003  “Uncertainty and Disquiet Mark Intifada’s Third Anniversary.” Middle East Report Online, 8 June

2002  “Palestinians Debate ‘Polite’ Resistance to Occupation,” Middle East Report 225: 38-43. Reprinted in The Struggle for Sovereignty: Palestine and Israel, 1993-2005. 2006. Eds. Joel Beinin and Rebecca Stein.  Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press.

2002  “The Travails and Tedium of Conflict-Zone Fieldwork,” Anthropology News 43(7) October. Reprinted in Annual Editions: Archaeology, Spring 2004.

2002  “There Are Many Reasons Why: Suicide Bombers and Martyrs in Palestine.” Middle East Report 223: 34-37.

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