Conference And Workshop Presentations Since 2010

2019  “Academic Freedom in the UK.” Global Attack on Academia. November. LSE.

2019  “Lisa Wedeen’s Authoritarian Apprehensions.” Roundtable Discussant. November. New Orleans, Middle East Studies Association.

2019  “Palestinians, the King-Crane Commission, and the Idea of Democratic

Listening.” Revisiting the Paris Peace Conference, 1919. October. LSE.

2018  (In)Security in Everyday Life: Perspectives from the Middle East. September. Arab Council for the Social Sciences, Northwestern University Qatar. Beirut, Lebanon.

2017  Network of Concerned Academics. Founding Conference. May. Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

2016 We Will Not Be a Party to this Crime. Roundtable Chair. November. AAA Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.

2015  “Commemoration and Incitement: Constructions of Political Emotion in the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict.” Narrative, Power and Commemoration in Conflicted Societies. April. Transitional Justice Institute, Ulster University, Belfast.

2015   Settler Colonialism Workshop. April. Center for Palestine Studies, Columbia University.

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